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About 9 years ago, my husband spent $25,000 for a one year Mastermind with other online marketers and I was furious. It was at a time in our life, when we could not afford to make that kind of investment.
But, it paid off, BIG TIME.

Within a month, he had made back the entire investment, +$15,000 - because of just one tip he received in that group! Since then, we have joined several other masterminds, and they have been the most impactful investments of our career.
Join our community of almost 1,000 like-minded friends!
"The BEST INVESTMENT you can make is in YOURSELF. "
Ask any successful person what their secret is, and they will tell you that it's having great mentors, and surrounding yourself with like-minded people! 
What Can You Expect?
  • Expert Interviews: Interviews with experts from every niche of life - Fitness, Nutrition, Organization, Leadership, Relationships - you name it!
  • Business Scripts, Tips & Hacks: Learn the systems and secrets that helped us to grow our network marketing organization to over 500,000 people and over one million in annual commissions. 
  • Encouragement & Accountability: We are all a part of the community for the same reason - TO GROW.  We'll help each other, encourage each other, and we'll give the tough talks to each other when it's time to step up. 
  • My Husband & I:  We will personally be available in the group on a daily basis to answer questions and help you on your journey.  Whether you want to talk about family dynamics or want to hear what's working in the online marketing world - we can help.  Our normal rate for consulting is $500/hr!  And you get an entire month free!  
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When you join our community, you'll get instant access to my calendar to book a FREE 15-minute phone consultation!  We can get to know eachother personally, and any question is fair game!  :)
AND, after our phone chat, I'll personally add you to an accountability group of 4-8 people that I think will benefit you the most!  We have business owners from every niche, and tons of incredible people just like you!

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